New Data Given by NCRB /delhi crime report

New Data Given by NCRB

The current headlines are going towards the NCRB released report of 2017 and it is making great controversies around. The current released reports of NCRB are the report of the 2017th year. This Crime Reporting Branch needs to be studied in depth. And for that, keep reading the article.


The NCRB is the National Crime Records Bureau. The NCRB is an agency run by the government which is accountable for the collection and analysis for the crime data, concerning the special and local laws along with the laws coming under the Indian Penal Code.
Set up in 1986, the NRCB was organized to report the yearly crime reports of every state and the units of the country, nationally. This organization comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The NRCB is objected to empower the Police and the system in regard to technology. Looking at the main functions of the agency then, first of all, it is the data nodal agency of collecting and analyzing reports of the matters of crime, accidents, suicides, and others. It was also honored with the ‘Digital India Award’.

New Data Given by NCRB /delhi crime report
New Data Given by NCRB /delhi crime report

It is noticeable that the government running agency has sharped its eyes into Chile Exploitation and Child Abuse, from the year 2017. But from the last two years, no reports and questions were raised. Opposing parties claim that reports are being hidden just because of the Lok Sabha election. When the reports get released, Government agencies states that due to the facility of online registration and FIR, the number of complaints has increased and there is no crafty in the registration of complaints.

Knowing a little bit about the NRCB, the importance of the reports would have been cleared. The reports showcase the crime registered, legally, where it is lacking, and it also helps for further considerations. Now, we will look into the recently released reports of the National Crime Records Bureau.
In practice, the NCRB reports were presented in parliament in December or in the further parliament sessions.
Notice that this report has also recorded the reports of 19 metropolitan cities.

The reports records:

– Violence against women and girl child
– violence against tribunal communities
– an economic and personal dispute crime, and cybercrime
– violence against senior citizens, and
– cases in the relevance of the courts
– missing person and child
– statistics of seizures of weapons
– a list analysis on the seizures of the fake denomination

So the 2017 NCRB data was finally made public on October 21, 2019. The National Crime Records Bureau shows that there has been a rise in 3.6% in registered crime rate. In which, figures revealed a 5.9% dip in Murder cases, ‘Dispute’ topped in the causes behind the murder motives followed by personal vendetta or enmity. A total figure of 50,07,044 cognizable crimes registered in which 30,62,579 came under the India Penal Code and the rest 19,44,465 came under the Special and Local Laws. This recorded the total number of crimes against women is 3,59,849 which included rape cases, all over the country, 32,599. The shocking part of the cases is that 10,221 rape cases were against the girl and boy child.
In the 93.1% cases, the accused cames from the victim’s acquaintance. In Manipur, cases are a few, around 40 but in all the 100% cases the accused out to be victim’s known person. Uttar Pradesh (UP), reported the maximum number of murder cases at 4,323, albeit a drop since 2016. Bihar and Maharastra ranked second and third, respectively, in murder consideration. In most murder cases, alarmingly, a crime against women saw a spike for the third year in a row. Women were routinely subjected abetment to suicide and cruelty.

However, Delhi saw a downward trend for crime rates for the third consecutive year. Altogether, 32,559 rapes cases were reported in the year 2017. Whereas, Madhya Pradesh reported the maximum number of cases at 5,562. Rajasthan followed it to the second position in the most number of rape cases, where Chhattisgarh is ranked forth in it. the total number of rapes cases registered were 3,082, alone in MP. It causes that there has been an 8.3% rise in the rape cases in Madhya Pradesh.
Madhya Pradesh is ranking top for the second consecutive year. MP, in the earlier reports of 2016, was ranked topped against the brutality and rape cases of women. Instead of running programs, changing governments still the situation is the same.

However, Odisha is ranking third, with the registered rape crimes of 1,297. Countrywide there was a total record of 28,653 murder cases which is 3.6% less than the records of 2016. But on the other hand, Kidnapping and ransom cases were raised with 9% and touches 95,893 number of such crimes.

Crime against children has increased by 28% than the earlier year. The number exceeds with ,29,032. Scheduled tribes are also affected by the increased crime rates wich touches the number of 42,203. Corruption cases touches number of 4,062, domestic and economic rimes were registered to the number of 1,48,972.
Due to the ease of reachability with cell phones, cybercrimes increased alarmingly. In the previous report, it was around 12,000 but in 2017 report it gets to the number of 21,796.

New Data Given by NCRB /delhi crime report
New Data Given by NCRB /delhi crime report

While looking at the statistics, rape crimes are less here, comparing to the last 5 years of data. But recently, released news in Indian Express states that facts in relation to the data are missing in the reports presented of 2017. According to it, the cases of Mob Lynching, Killing in the name of Religion, and Khaap Panchayat, data are missing. According to sources, Indian Express, states that the data were collected and data accuracy work was started in the direction of Dr. Ish Kumar, the former director of the National Crime Report Bureau. In his direction, the recorded murder cases also included the Mob Lynching and religion killing murders but at the end in the reports, those data were missing.
As a better and effective initiative, data were along with the facts so that the government could control it easily and tackle them, but unfortunately, those important data and facts were missing in the current released reports.

In the end, it can be said that there is actually lacking something in the system. If the agencies running under the government will behave like this then what others will do. Looking at the importance of the data and statistics of the organization, it is necessary for the agencies to make sure the regularity of the reports.
It was stated by Indian Express that there has been data tampering with the Mob lynching and other killing data.
These data and statistics are needed to be present as it is collected because nowhere else but these will help in the policymaking. Comparing with the previous year’s data there has been a fall in some of the issues such as rape cases but in some issues these rates are alarming like cybercrime, a crime against children, corruption, etc.

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